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Tokoradi, Ghana


 Charles Nyane


Located on the Atlantic shore of Ghana, Word Alive Missions Association serves numerous villages and towns in Western, Ghana.  The Rev. Charles Nyane leads the mission in concert with the board of trustees.  After attending seminary in the United States, Rev. Nyane returned to Ghana to establish the mission.  Founded in 1996, Word Alive has experienced rapid growth.


By January of 2000, the mission expanded to ten churches, two schools and an orphanage.  The churches are spread over a seventy-five mile radius from the mission office and first church in Takoradi.  Each church has a pastor.  The mission’s schools are located in Esiama.  After seeing the positive work of the Word Alive churches, the Esiama Chief donated a 20-acre campus for the mission’s schools and orphanage.  Living Stone Christian School offers elementary education to the children of the area and is considered the best in the region.  Enrollment reached 260 in 2000.   Word Alive Bible College offers courses in New and Old Testament studies, Biblical Interpretation, Greek, Hebrew and Theology.  It is a training ground for those entering ministry and a resource for area pastors.  Word Alive Orphanage houses foundling children.   Myth and superstition of the polygamous Nzema tribe teach that a tenth child will curse a family.  In remote areas the tenth child is abandon in the jungle or put to death at birth.  The orphanage takes in such children, raises and educates them, making what was once cursed a blessing. 



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