As COVID-19 cases increase, due to the omicron variant, communities of faith and pastors continue to face difficult decisions regarding worship practices. Each congregation’s circumstances are uniquely shaped by statistics in their area, membership demographics, and decision-making processes.

Resources from Support Organizations

Amid these multi-faceted challenges and diverse needs, links to various support organizations provide insight and suggestions:

Realtime U.S. COVID Map & Vaccine Tracker

National Council of Churches

Church Mutual Insurance

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The World Health Organization

Wisconsin Council of Churches

Discerning Worship Practices and Responses

Below are questions for pastors and church leaders to consider when discerning how their church should respond to the virus:

  1. What opportunities are there to bathe your process in prayer? Asking God’s guidance on critical issues can help clarify when essential information seems clouded by statistics and debate.
  2. How are you making space for multiple points of view? Listen for courses of action you may not have considered.
  3. Which worship practices address the needs of the frailest in your community? How can you embody inclusivity and sensitivity when considering the needs of congregants?

Worship Virtually

Some congregations and Congregationalists may wish to see how other NACCC churches accommodate the needs of the day. Perhaps you are interested in worshipping virtually with a Congregational church that is not your home church. For a list of churches’ weekly online services click here.