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NACCC Educational Opportunities and Programs

The NACCC offers a variety of educational opportunities for existing and aspiring leaders in the Congregational Christian community. Our network of programs, webinars, and courses provide accessible, convenient, and comprehensive education to bolster existing curriculum and requirements. There are two foundational pillars to our educational programming: the Center for Congregational Leadership and the Congregational Foundation for Theological Studies.

Congregational Leadership

The Center for Congregational Leadership Offerings

The Center for Congregational Leadership is committed to excellence in education, leadership, and vision in the Congregational Christian community. We work to provide support and encouragement to churches and their leaders through skill development and an educated understanding of emerging needs, trends, and challenges. The Center offers two major educational programs and administers our Pastoral Search program.

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Lay Ministry Training Program

This course of study supports the Congregational value of a learned laity, providing basic training for people who desire to serve the church more fully, either as a lay minister or as a lay leader.  The program enhances understanding in areas of biblical knowledge, theology, worship, Congregational history and polity, pastoral care, and others.

The History Polity Course
The History & Polity Course

This course will help to provide greater context to the general history, theology, spirituality, and practice of Congregationalism. Level I and II will acquaint you with Congregationalism and connect these principles to church leadership, the context of congregational polity, the significance of covenant, and articulate the major historical and theological development of American Congregationalism.

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Pastoral Search

This listing helps introduce churches that have pastoral vacancies to clergy who wish to be considered for open positions.  This is done securely online through the NACCC website. Anyone may view the Pastorates and Pulpits listing but only clergy who are registered for online access may view a church’s full profile.

Each of these established programs has long, successful histories of educating women and men for ministries and leadership positions in churches. In addition to these programs, the Center develops and offers a variety of seminars and continuing education opportunities for enhancing leadership skills of clergy and laity, increasing knowledge of the Congregational Way, and the exploration of personal spiritual gifts and calling.

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Theological Studies

Education Programs

The Congregational Foundation for Theological Studies

The Congregational Foundation for Theological Studies (CFTS) enriches the student seminary experience through education in the Congregational Way. Students admitted to CFTS are required to attend three academic seminars on topics unique to ministry in a Congregational church, and must complete a directed polity study, with the submission of a major research paper in Congregationalism. Additionally, students are required to engage in supervised ministry internships, practicing the skills of ministry under the direction of a field supervisor and in cooperation with the field requirements of the student’s seminary.

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Instructors and Mentors

Our educational events and seminars employ instructors and church leadership faculty with Congregational backgrounds who are especially equipped in, and knowledgeable of, their unique subject matter. We are privileged to work with some of the greatest theological minds and spirits across the country using advancements in distance learning technology, bringing students, faculty instructors, and mentors together throughout the country on our online platform.

The NACCC Executive Director and Center team identify those with special skills and talents who are passionate about Congregationalism and are committed to sharing their expertise with others. The Center also trains advisors to aid churches in finding a minister, helping to celebrate ordinations, installations, and anniversaries, creating a healthy culture for church vitality, creating a culture of generosity for year-round stewardship, helping with strategic planning and congregational governance, reviewing personnel, and managing conflict.

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