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The National Association of Congregational Christian Churches was founded to help Congregational Christian churches maintain their autonomy while benefitting from the experiences, resources, and insights of other churches. The NACCC works to connect our member churches and foster an open dialogue about best practices, common issues, and effective solutions, helping each participating church find meaningful ways to grow and encourage faith among their congregations.

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Programs, Services, Events

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Programs, Services, & Events

We believe every Congregational Christian Church has something thoughtful and purposeful to share with our faith community and in sharing our knowledge and experience, our members maintain their right to self-govern and their independence while finding new ways to grow and thrive. As an organization, we develop, implement, and administer several programs, services, and events to provide support to our member organizations.

As a member, your church will have access to:
Services and Resources IconServices & Resources

Our resources are developed to support our member churches through a number of experiences, gatherings, and services. These resources provide key information and guidance for: finding your next minister, celebrating in the Congregational way, creating a healthy church culture, opportunities for fellowship, managing conflict, easy access to background checks, and more!

Background Checks Icon Fostering Safe Environments

We provide our member churches with easy access to background checks for church clergy, staff, and volunteers, through a partnership with Trusted Employee to foster safe and successful church environments.

Financial Assitance Icon Financial Assistance

The NACCC makes various funds and financial services available to member churches and clergy.

Clergy Scholarships

Building & Loan

The Hurting Churches Fund 

Providence Endowment

John Richard Endowment

Youth Scholarships

Congregational Investment Trust Icon Congregational Investment Trust

The Congregational Investment Trust (CIT) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization established as an endowment investment option for member churches, allowing churches to become part of an investment pool with other churches, and, likely, increasing investment return potential and lowering investment fees. Churches that participate in the CIT have access to funds either by written request or by setting up regular distributions.

Become a Member

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Become a Member

At the NACCC, we welcome all Congregational Christian Churches and look forward to the experience and knowledge that only you can provide. We value personal and substantial relationships and are excited to hear from you. We start by learning more about your church and helping you gather the information you need to determine whether the NACCC is a good and fitting fellowship for your church. To start the process, contact our Executive Director at 800.262.1620.

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If you have any questions or would like to know more about the NACCC, please send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you!

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