How to Join the NACCC

Connect with the NACCC to Get Started

The NACCC values personal and substantial relationships.  To begin gathering information about whether the NACCC is a good and fitting fellowship for your church, call the NACCC’s Executive Director at 800.262.1620.

Beginning the Application Process

The application process begins when your church formally adopts a resolution to seek membership in the NACCC.  After doing so, you may request an application form from the NACCC office and begin gathering your paperwork for application requirements.

Application Requirements
Your application will consist of a number of documents verifying key church information. This application packet must include:
  • A copy of your Articles of Incorporation
  • A copy of your Constitution and Bylaws
  • Evidence that you are meeting and worshiping together regularly, as a church (such as a worship bulletin)
  • Your church covenant (if it is not included in your Constitution and Bylaws)
  • Evidence that your church is in fellowship with other Congregational Christian Churches
  • A dated copy of the resolution seeking membership
Completing the Process
Your complete application packet will be sent to the Membership Committee of the Leadership Council for their review and recommendation.  After reviewing your application packet, they will either request more information from you or they will present your application to the Leadership Council for approval. Once approved, your church is granted Provisional Membership with access to all NACCC resources until the delegates of the next Annual Meeting and Conference can vote on your formal admission to the NACCC.

The Fair Share Membership Giving Program

As an organization, our vitality is directly tied to the support our member churches provide. The NACCC exists to serve churches and relies on financial contributions to carry out various programs and services. In order to stay an “Active” member of the Association, the NACCC requires each of our member churches to make an annual contribution to the Shared Ministries Fund, which directly supports the resources, programs, and services available to all member churches.

Fair share Giving Program Image

Fair Share refers to the suggested contribution for your Church. The NACCC does not require a membership fee but rather expects that each church supports the organization through an annual contribution. Currently, we ask member churches to contribute $13 per member of their congregation to help maintain services, programs, resources, and events that support the congregational Christian way.

We have created a brochure which you can use when discussing NACCC membership with your congregation. Contact the NACCC office for copies. We encourage you to share the Fair Share Giving Program brochure:

  • In your literature rack or pew
  • To help introduce your leadership and other members to the NACCC
  • As helpful information for new member and confirmation classes

Fair Share Giving Program

Member Church Handbook

The Member Church Handbook is an easy-to-understand, practical information guide to help you and your congregation make the most of your NACCC membership.  It is divided into digestible sections for ease of use and updating.  Many of our members print the handbook and use a three-ring binder to keep the information safe and easily accessible to your church leaders and staff.

Open the Handbook

Member Church Handbook

Connect with the NACCC Team

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the NACCC, please send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you!

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