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The NACCC through its mission, “Bringing together Congregational Christian Churches for mutual care and outreach to our world in the name of Jesus Christ.” helps the Mission and Outreach Ministry Council provide support in the form of funding resources and oversight to several mission and outreach programs throughout the United States and the world. Each NACCC mission serves a number of communities and offers outreach programs to help improve their religious and greater communities.

Explore our mission relationships to learn more and to find unique and rewarding ways to get involved!

Our National Mission Partners

National Mission Partners
Colorado Icon
A Christian Ministry in the National Parks

Amy Kennedy

A Christian Ministry in the National Parks (ACMNP) is an interdenominational student-led ministry that began in 1951 with the dream of providing Christian community for the people working in, living in, and visiting the national parks.

For more than 70 years, ACMNP has sought to fulfill their mission to embody and extend the ministry of Jesus Christ through worship, witness, and the development of Christian leaders through their 200-300 ministry team members serving each year in 45+ national parks across the country. Our teams lead worship services in these remote communities, work seasonal jobs alongside the local community, and grow in their own leadership development with the help of mentors and local support.

Pennsylvania Icon
Hosanna Industries  

Katie DeJournette

Hosanna Industries was founded in 1990 as a faith-rooted, non-profit mission whose work involves a variety of charitable initiatives aimed at helping our impoverished neighbors.

By the grace of God and through the mechanical and aesthetic arts, mission workers at Hosanna Industries builds and repairs homes for needy households; mobilize relief workers to areas of disaster; teach and lead workshops in art and spirituality; train young people in construction skills and lead volunteers of all ages. Hosanna relies on donations to help hundreds of needy neighbors per year.

Morgan Scott Project

Crystal Tompkins

Morgan Scott Project for Cooperative Christian Concerns is a non-profit that provides a common base for churches, agencies, and individuals to identify the problems and provide solutions for those in need in Morgan and Scott counties of Tennessee.

Their purpose is to help people help themselves. With a multitude of programs, we provide assistance with food, clothing, utility bills, some medical expense, home repairs, wheelchair ramps, backpacks for school, educational support, garden seeds, and Christmas gifts. Programs are made available through the many gracious donors and volunteers from all over. “Our prayer is that our clients see Christ’s love in what we do and pass it on.”

Educational Concerns for Hunger Org. (ECHO) 

Alyssa Barrett

ECHO is a nonprofit, interdenominational Christian organization dedicated to honoring God by empowering the undernourished with sustainable hunger solutions.

They provide services internationally and fight world hunger by helping people help themselves. They work to identify, validate, document, and disseminate best practices in sustainable agriculture and appropriate technology. ECHO provides hands-on training, information, and seeds to farming families, development workers and missionaries in over 195 countries.

Massachusetts Icon
Seafarer’s Friend

Ida MacRae

As a Christian organization, Seafarers’ Friend serves Christ by serving others. Since 1827 the Boston Seaman’s Friend Society d/b/a Seafarer’s Friend has extended friendship and hospitality to seafarers to meet their unmet physical, spiritual, emotional, and social needs.

They do this by visiting aboard ships, welcoming and hosting them ashore, supplying them with cards and modems so that they may contact their loved ones, transportation to where they need to go, and pastoral care. When they are unable to come to shore, the mission calls ahead to find out what provisions they need, purchases them, and brings them to the dock for when their ship arrives in port. Chaplains, who work the Northern New England ports of Boston, MA, Portsmouth, NH, and Portland, ME, encourage seafarers to nurture their faith by making available bibles and support literature. They provide chaplaincy, prayer, and counseling for troubled seafarers. They advocate for the seafarers in situations where they are exposed to unsafe and unhealthy working and living conditions as well as unfair treatment.

NACCC Mission Partners

Our Mission Partners receive budgeted funds from the NACCC and undergo regular review and evaluation to verify the successful stewardship of your generous support.

Missions recommended by our member churches

Recommended Missions are those that do not receive budgeted funds from the NACCC. They are supported solely with donations made from member churches and other individual donors. 

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International Mission Partners

International Mission Partners
Argentina Flag
Asociacion Civil Cristiana Congregational

Rev. Dr. Harding Stricker

Asociacion Civil Cristiana Congregacional is a non-governmental organization (N.G.O.) that congregates people who serve God and commit themselves to be socially active in order to render witness to the love and truth that is in Jesus.

At the center of mission activities are Sunday School for children, youth group meetings, Bible study groups, and regular worship services. The mission provides community gardening; free medical attention; schooling, food clothing and medical attention for children; a soup kitchen and a sports field for youth.

Mexico Flag
Fishers of Men

Julie Claassen

Located in south-central Mexico, Fishers of Men ministers through Evangelistic Medical Mission Crusades and the Refuge Ranch.

Recommended by: Mayfair-Plymouth Congregational Christian Church, Toledo, Ohio

Kenya Flag
Happy Life Children’s Home

Rev. Jim Powell, Rev. Peter Ndungu

The Happy Life Mission is a non-profit Christian organization whose main vision is to give hope to abandoned children in Kenya through its three-fold ministry: • Rescue mission for over 150 vulnerable and abandoned children seeking a ‘forever family’ for each of them through adoption by a Kenyan couple. • Provision of quality Christian education to nearly 400 for those who are not adopted and to other children in the wider community. • Provision of comprehensive pediatric medical care and maternity services through Jesse Kay Children’s Hospital. The Mission is based on the belief that God has a plan for each of these children, to give them a hope and a future, according to Jeremiah 29:11.

Recommended by: Maple Hill Community Congregational Church, Maple Hill, Kansas

Cameroon Flag
Mission School of Hope

Rev. Charles Sagay

Mission School of Hope is located in the eastern province of Cameroon and serves underprivileged and marginalized people in nearby and remote villages.

Recommended and supported by: First Congregational Community Church, Roscoe, Illinois

Nigeria Flag
Christ to the Villages

Rev. Matthew Oladele

The heart of Christ to the Villages mission is the proclamation of the saving grace found in Jesus Christ. They believe the Gospel is the power of God towards the salvation of humanity (Rom 1:16), and faith comes by hearing the word of God (Rom 10:17). Emphasis is placed on rural evangelism; one on one and communal evangelism, as well as discipleship. They reach the youth through mission schools (elementary and high schools) and provides food and clothing for the poor and limited aid to the sick.

Haiti Flag
Love Worth Sharing

Rev. Jim Owens

Love Worth Sharing International is a non-profit Christian organization dedicated to reaching the country of Haiti with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They minister to the body, mind and soul through Bible Camps, Feeding Programs, and Medical Clinics. The mission has implemented a program to rescue and minister to abandoned children living on the streets of Haiti. Life skill training programs are provided through summer camp programs which include, music lessons, cooking skills, soap making and a craft program which teaches the children to make sandals, bracelets and necklaces that they can sell to help provide their families with financial support. Serving the Lord Jesus Christ in Haiti since 1998.

Mexico Flag
Panamerican Institute

Laura Ramirez

Panamerican Institute is a Mission-School founded by the late Congregational Minister, Rev. Edgar S. Welty in the early 1960’s, and is located in Tijuana, Mexico, south of San Diego, California. Its operation depends 100% on donations. Panamerican Institute provides technical Education to students from poor families in Tijuana. This Mission-School has been part of NACCC for many years and is focused on keeping kids at school, working towards a better future. Contributions enables the mission to provide hope for a better life to their students and their families, creating a better and more Christian community. “Education, Love for Life”

Ghana Flag
Word Alive Mission
Ghana & The Ivory Coast

Rev. Charles Nyane

Word Alive Mission serves numerous villages and towns in Western Ghana and the Ivory Coast by planting churches, offering pastor and leadership training and a Bible College, housing abandoned children in the orphanage (Ghana), educating elementary age students, and providing training for community nurses.

NACCC Mission Partners

Our Mission Partners receive budgeted funds from the NACCC and undergo regular review and evaluation to verify the successful stewardship of your generous support.

Missions recommended by our member churches

Recommended Missions are those that do not receive budgeted funds from the NACCC. They are supported solely with donations made from member churches and other individual donors. 

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International Mission Partner

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