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From leadership roles to volunteering your time to a committee, there are many meaningful ways to get involved with the NACCC. We are grateful for the support we receive from our generous member churches and their congregations. Your input, time, and expertise help make the NACCC possible!

Leadership Opportunities

Leadership Opportunities

The NACCC is stewarded and supported by several volunteer leaders throughout the country who come together in fellowship and dedication to the Congregational Christian way. Our organizational leaders work to provide a voice to our member churches, learn about their unique needs, and develop resources and solutions to create meaningful opportunities for growth and development for all our members.

Information on NACCC Leadership Positions

The Moderator of the NACCC presides at all meetings of the Association, serves as a voting member of the Leadership Council and may be elected as its chairperson.  The Moderator is also a voting member of the Board of Directors and is actively involved with the Annual Meeting and Conference Committee, helping to shape the experiences and offerings of that event.  The term of office is two years.

In addition to assisting the Moderator, the Vice-Moderator is a voting member of both the Leadership Council of the Association and the Annual Meeting and Conference Committee.  The Vice-Moderator also serves on the Board of Directors of the Corporation and may be elected as its chairperson.  The term of office is two years with the anticipated, but not guaranteed succession to Moderator.

The Secretary records the proceedings of the Leadership Council and the Board of Directors of the Corporation.  He or she also gives notices of meetings, keeps the membership rolls of the Association and may receive and send correspondence as directed.  The Secretary also serves on the Leadership Council without vote.  Term of office is one year, renewable.

The Treasurer is the custodian of the funds of the NACCC, and receives contributions.  He or she is an active member of the Board of Directors and serves on the Leadership Council, without vote.  The Treasurer reports annually to the members of the Association regularly at the Annual Meeting and Conference.  Term of office is one-year, renewable.

The Historian keeps a written chronology of important historical events and accomplishments of the Association, keeps a record of the necrology for persons involved with the NACCC and gathers and preserves the materials of the archives.  The term of office is one year, renewable.

Acting as the governing board of the Corporation, the Board of Directors is responsible for finance, administration, and appointments to Executive positions.  It consists of 7 people, four of whom are elected to four-year terms.  The Vice-Moderator, Secretary, and Treasurer are also members.  Duties include:

  • Finances and budgeting
  • Loans to member churches
  • Bylaws, governance, and policies
  • Use of technology in the office
  • Personnel, administration and staffing
  • Fundraising (In conjunction with Congregational Foundation Board of Governors)
  • Marketing (In conjunction with Congregational Foundation Board of Governors)
  • The Congregationalist Magazine

Acting as the governing board of the Association, the members of the Leadership Council are elected from the membership of the three Ministry Councils plus the Moderator and Vice-Moderator.  The Secretary and Treasurer serve without vote.  Some of the responsibilities of the Leadership Council include:

  • Casting vision and prioritizing programs and services of the NACCC
  • Overseeing Annual Meetings and Conferences
  • Developing and tending to the process of and relationships with the Year Round Delegates
  • Tending to inquiring churches, church membership applications, and recommendations
  • Providing personnel for ceremonial and ambassadorial functions


There are three Ministry Councils of the NACCC.  Each consists of five members elected for three-year terms.  Each Ministry Council selects two representatives for election to the Leadership Council.  Ministry Councils may appoint Task Teams to assist in their areas of responsibility. The three Ministry Councils of the NACCC are the Growth Ministry Council, the Mission and Outreach Ministry Council, and the Vitality Ministry Council.
Learn More About Our Ministry Councils

The purpose of this Council is to encourage and support congregations of the NACCC in their mission of faith and discipleship.  Duties of this Council include:

  • Supporting the establishment of new Congregational churches
  • Developing and supporting local churches in youth programming
  • Providing leadership for NACCC-wide youth programming
  • Providing support and effective use of technology in the local Church
  • Developing meaningful and God-honoring worship and spiritual growth experiences

The purpose of this Council is to encourage and support local churches in their mission of spreading the word and work of Christ in the world, both locally and globally.  Duties of this council include:

  • Advancing domestic and foreign mission programs
  • Nurturing our partnerships with Olivet and Piedmont Colleges
  • Promoting relationships with other Congregational bodies such as the International Congregational Fellowship and the American Congregational Association (Congregational Library and Archives)
  • Supporting ongoing communication with State and Regional Associations
  • Cultivating ecumenical relationships and partnerships as appropriate
Ministry Councils

Regional Fellowship Opportunities

State and Regional Associations are those groups organized in different parts of the country that may share in parts of the mission of the NACCC. Although each Association is completely independent from the NACCC, they do provide resources, encouragement, and support for our churches and their leaders.

Support the Work of the NACCC

​Our National Association grows and thrives through enthusiastic and faithful support from member churches, individual donors, foundations, corporations and associations committed to Congregationalism. We rely on the active engagement of our member churches in the life of the National Association by: providing financial contributions, volunteer opportunities, and participating in NACCC activities and events.

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If you have any questions or would like to know more about the NACCC, please send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you!

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