Membership Benefits

About Joining the NACCC

Membership to the NACCC is entirely voluntary – our organization is open to any and all Congregational Christian Churches seeking fellowship, resources, and encouragement. We work to connect churches from across the country and share in ministry, exploration of faith, and support. We strive to be valuable and relevant to all our member churches, regardless of size and needs of the church.

Local Church Control

The NACCC honors the fact that God has given the local church every power and gift necessary for its spiritual life and decision for ministry.  Because Christ alone is the head of the church, each church is free to determine its statement of faith, select and ordain its clergy, and maintain stewardship of its resources and property.  Respecting the ability of each church to discern God’s intentions and purposes for them, the NACCC does not make statements on behalf of or binding upon the member churches.

Share Information About Your Participation in the NACCC

Each participating church may learn from what is most meaningful to their congregation while maintaining their independence and self-governance.  To share information about the NACCC with your congregation, view our “Membership brochure” or “Case for Support” .  Printed copies available through the office.

Membership Brochure  Case For Support

Membership Benefits

Member Benefits

As a member of the NACCC, your church joins with other churches around the country for mutual encouragement and support.  By sharing fellowship through the NACCC, each church is made stronger by having access to a variety of resources and expertise.
The NACCC is there when you need:

Access to our Pastoral Search Process, a resource to help find your next minister

Advising during times of structural change and conflict

Building fellowship among Congregational Christian churches

Resources for stewardship, church revitalization, and investment pool opportunity

Assurance that your mission contributions are making a difference

Better understanding of the Congregational Way

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance & Support

The NACCC coordinates contributions from online, phone, check donations, IRA charitable distribution, and planned giving funds along with the Shared Ministries Fund to offer financial assistance to member churches, clergy, youth, and missions.

The Congregational Investment Trust

The Congregational Investment Trust (CIT) is an endowment investment option for active member churches, allowing them to become part of an investment pool with other churches.

Learn More About the CIT

The Hurting Churches Fund

The Hurting Churches Fund is available to active members churches in need of emergency capital or operational needs. These funds may be provided to help pay for consultation on critical matters, emergency funds when a pastor is ill, or other needs as identified by the church.

Building and Loan Fund

The Building and Load Fund’s purpose is to assist member Churches with the financing of facility projects or projects for new Church facilities as these may be required.

Providence Endowment

The Providence Endowment provides grants to churches to help offset the expenses of sending a delegate to the Annual Meeting and Conference.

John Richard Memorial Endowment

The John Richard Memorial Endowment awards annual grants to member churches of 200 members or less who are planning a Fine or Performing Arts event in their Church.

Youth Scholarships

The NACCC offers scholarships to youth who have demonstrated financial need and show outstanding development in Christian character, participation in local youth programs, and/or community service.

Rev. Howard Conn Endowment

Financial assistance up to $800 is available for registration and travel expenses to attend a NACCC Convocation. The Endowment’s explicit use is to support ministers’ travel expenses to attend educational opportunities, such as Convocation.

Ministerial Assistance and Enrichment Fund

This fund provides emergency financial assistance to ministers, both active and retired. Through this fund, dedicated care-givers can also receive support in times of need. This fund may also be used to supplement costs for a variety of continuing education opportunities including the Minister’s Convocation, seminars, and sabbatical leaves.

Retired Ministers Fund

Was established to recognize the value of the service rendered by now-retired Congregational ministers and their spouses. To qualify for this gift, a minister must have served an NACCC member church for at least 10 years and also at the time of his or her retirement be a member in good standing of a member Church of the National Association.

Rev. Thomas and Kathleen Street Endowment

Each year monies will be made available to support qualified NACCC ministers and their families. Eligible ministers are those who have an unexpected financial need and who currently are serving in an active NACCC church, or prior to retirement served as a minister in an NACCC affiliated church.

Youth Gatherings

Youth Gatherings That Inspire

The NACCC offers scholarships to youth who have demonstrated financial need and show outstanding development in Christian character, participation in local youth programs, and/or community service.

NAPF/HOPE Event Information     Youth Scholarship Information

Center for Congregational Leadership, Resources

The Center for Congregational Leadership (CCL) is committed to providing educational opportunities for churches and their leadership team.  Drawing upon the strong Congregational values of an educated clergy and a literate laity, the Center is committed to excellence in education, leadership, and vision. The CCL team works to provide support and encouragement to churches and their leaders through skill development and an educated understanding of emerging needs, trends, and challenges.

About the CCL Lay Ministry Training Program Workshops & Lectures History and Polity

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If you have any questions or would like to know more about the NACCC, please send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you!

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