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Supporting the Work of the NACCC

Financial contributions are vital to the ongoing health and vitality of the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches and the Congregational Foundation. The NACCC seeks funding for our operations, programs, resources, The Congregationalist, scholarships, and world-wide mission ministries to help in the growth and development of the Congregational Christian way. Donors are encouraged to make a gift through various means including the Shared Ministries Fund, the Congregational Foundation, and Planned Giving vehicles. To learn more about how your contributions can positively affect the NACCC, please read our Case for Support.

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NACCC Shared Ministries Giving

Member churches, individual donors, and associations committed to Congregationalism can provide a financial contribution to the overall operations and programming of the NACCC through the Shared Ministries Fund (SMF). Each member church is required to make an annual contribution to SMF, which directly supports the NACCC operations, programs, resources, and services. We ask that churches prayerfully give at their “Fair Share” level or above ($13 per member annually). Member church donations assure the continuation of educational programs, church resources, fellowship opportunities, and administrative support that churches and their members find so valuable.

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Donating to NACCC Programs

Donors can choose to provide financial support to overall programs and services or designate their gift to be used for a specific program, project, or resource of the NACCC. The NACCC staff is always available to discuss your goals and direct you to support whichever program meets your wishes.

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Support Our Work

Supporting Our Mission Work

The Mission and Outreach Ministry Council of the NACCC strives to select mission projects that are Congregational Christian in faith and polity. Overall, our program of Christian missions is holistic, ministering to the needs of the whole person; the spiritual, the physical, and the relational. Donors can designate funds to our overall mission work or select a specific Mission Partner to support.

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The Congregational Foundation

The Congregational Foundation was established to raise funds and administer endowments that benefit the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches. It engages in ongoing fundraising and development activities on behalf of the Association whose reason for being is to help member churches to be all that they can be. The Foundation oversees several major endowments that have been created to directly support the many NACCC programs, services and resources offered to its member churches.

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Contributing to the NACCC College Fund

Olivet College, Piedmont University, and the NACCC have partnered together to create the NACCC College Assistance Fund. This fund encourages donors  to support students’ engagement in important high impact programs and to meet students’ other more immediate needs.

NACCC: College Assistance Fund
PO Box 288
Oak Creek, WI 53154

Olivet College
320 S. Main Street
Olivet, MI 49076

Piedmont University Advancement
PO Box 10
Demorest, GA 30535

Ways to Donate

Ways to Donate

Contribute Online

You can make a donation directly to the NACCC using our online donation platform. You will receive confirmation and a receipt for recordkeeping and tax purposes.

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Donations by Phone or Check

To make a gift by telephone, please call 414-856-1614.

To make a gift by check, please make your check payable to “NACCC” and include a note with any gift designation. Please mail your check to:

PO Box 288
Oak Creek, WI 53154

Leave a Legacy Through Planned Giving

A Planned Gift is any major gift made to a non-profit, in a person’s lifetime or at death that is part of the donor’s overall financial and/or estate planning. Estate and gift planning incorporates many different kinds of financial and tax benefits. By making a planned gift or bequest to the National Association or the Congregational Foundation you are helping to insure its ongoing health and future success.

The 1620 Society

The 1620 Society was created to recognize donors who have already made the decision to leave a legacy through their estate and gift planning. We hope you will consider joining them.

Wills and bequests provide a simple way to make a gift that will keep on giving after your lifetime. Designating the charity in a life insurance policy or retirement account is commonly used. A life Insurance Policy that is no longer needed for family protection or is specifically purchased to benefit the organization can be donated during your lifetime and will benefit the organization upon your death. Declaring a specific dollar amount or percentage of your estate to go to a charity is also used.

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Make a Donation Through Your IRA

Age 72 (70.5 if you reached that age prior to Jan. 1, 2020) is the age at which you must begin to take withdrawals from your traditional IRAs. Why not make a charitable donation to the NACCC or Congregational Foundation from your IRA account?

This vehicle offers the extra benefit of avoiding the income tax you are required to pay on your IRA distributions.

Benefits include:

  • Income tax is totally avoided on IRA rollover transfers
  • Your gift directly transferred satisfies the Annual Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) for your IRA account
  • Annual IRA rollover gifts up to $100,000 qualify

P.O. Box 288
Oak Creek, WI 53154

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Thank you in advance for your generous support!

Please consult your tax advisers about the best way to support the NACCC/CF in your situation.

Note: IRA administrators may forget to include the donor’s name on IRA rollover checks they mail out. Therefore, please alert the Development staff before sending your IRA rollover gift, so that we can identify and acknowledge your donation correctly and promptly. Sample letters for your use are available below.

IRA Rollover Details    Sample Letter to NACCC    Sample Authorization Letter

Connect with the NACCC Team

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the NACCC, please send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you!

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