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Our Statement of Purpose

“To serve as the missionary agent of the churches of the National Association, and of such churches as desire its service; to receive, manage, and distribute such funds and properties as may be entrusted to it according to the expressed wishes of the donors, or in the absence of such designation, by vote of the division; to counsel with such Churches as call upon it in the area of their missionary concern: and generally to stimulate the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ by such means as are in keeping with the basic principle of the Congregational Christian Churches…”

Mission and Outreach Ministry Council Statement of Purpose from the Bylaws of the NACCC

Our Mission Philosophy

Early Congregationalists took God’s call to mission seriously. The most notable missionary to the American Indians was John Elliot, a teacher at the church in Roxbury, Massachusetts.  He learned the Native American languages and eventually founded fourteen communities of “Praying Indians.”

In 1806, several Congregational divinity students were caught in a summer thunderstorm and took refuge under a nearby haystack. As they waited for the storm to pass, they talked about the need for foreign missions and each pledged his life to the foreign mission field. Four years after this Haystack Meeting, Congregationalists formed the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign missions.

Our Mission Philosophy
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The NACCC, through its Mission and Outreach Ministry Council strives to select projects that are Congregational Christian in faith and polity. Overall, our program of Christian missions is holistic, ministering to the needs of the whole person; the spiritual, the physical, and the relational.  All missions are under regular review and evaluation. The needs are genuine, and the projects are worthy of your prayerful and generous support.

Internationally, all of our projects are led by indigenous missionaries. These nationals know the language and culture from birth, and as such, are more effective than outside missionaries.

As you plan your mission giving, or as your Church prepares its budget for global ministries, we are happy to provide information of timely or urgent needs both at home and abroad. Please contact the NACCC office for assistance.

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Mission Partners

The NACCC supports mission work through two designations:

Our Mission Partners – are mission initiatives that receive budgeted funds directly from the NACCC and undergo regular review and evaluation to verify the successful stewardship of your generous support.

Recommended Missions – are missions that are recommended by our member churches and do not receive budgeted funds from the NACCC. These missions are regularly reviewed and evaluated to verify the successful stewardship of your generous support.

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One Great Hour of Sharing

In 1948, Bishop Henry Knox Sherrill, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, set a goal of one million dollars per year for the Presiding Bishop’s Fund for world relief.  On Nationwide radio, he challenged the Christian brothers and sisters of his community to raise “one million dollars in one hour.”  And they did! The National Association of Congregational Christian Churches works with a network of Christian organizations to keep this spirit alive and help people in need across the globe.

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Mission Financial Assistance

At the NACCC, we recognize that meaningful and impactful mission work requires an entire network of support. Our Mission and Outreach Ministry Council works to effectively steward mission donations to help our Mission Partners nationally and globally. All donations made to our mission programs go directly, dollar for dollar, to work in the mission fields. All expenses for administration, communications, and evaluation are paid from the NACCC Shared Ministries Fund.

Make a Donation

We welcome and encourage churches and individuals to make donations to these funds and scholarships so that these ministries may continue. Your gift to the NACCC for Missions goes directly, dollar for dollar, to the work on the mission fields. Nothing is withheld for administrative purposes. Administration is funded separately, through the Shared Ministries Fund.

Donations may also be made by check, payable to NACCC and mailed to:

P.O. Box 288
Oak Creek, WI  53154

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