Supporting ministry and
nurturing  fellowship among
Congregational Christian Churches
in the name of Christ

The National Association of
Congregational Christian Churches

Uplifting Congregational Churches through Support, Resources, and Programs

We are an association of individual congregational churches founded in fellowship and support of the congregational way. We seek to encourage community among our member churches and work to offer helpful resources, programs, and policies that support clergy and churches in their work for the Kingdom of God.

About the NACCC Understanding the Congregational Way

Fellowship, Support, and Resources

Fellowship, Support, and Resources

Find Strength and Encouragement in the NACCC

Guided by a group of dedicated volunteers, a thoughtful board of directors, and an attentive leadership council, the NACCC works to serve member churches from across the nation. Member churches benefit from mutual encouragement and support and are made stronger by accessing diverse resources and expertise.

Strengthen Your Congregation With the NACCC:



Helping to Meet the Needs of Your Congregation

We work with diverse churches, volunteers, and other nonprofit organizations to create helpful resources that support, guide, and strengthen our member churches. Our resources embody the collective knowledge, guidance, and experience of generations of congregational Christian churches and are developed to help our members successfully manage the unique needs of their congregational faith and practice.

Education Opportunities

Education Opportunities

Helping Build Skills that Uplift Congregations

We are committed to serving our member churches through education, training, and advising opportunities that help build skills and foster an understanding of emerging needs, trends, and challenges. The Center for Congregational Leadership, was founded in 2008 to help steward our educational programs.

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Latest Updates

Latest Updates

Stay Informed and Prepared with NACCC

It’s more important than ever to stay connected and informed. Our NACCC team is dedicated to providing you with the most up-to-date information on our community, Congregational faith and practice, and the news and events of our fellowship.

2024 Calls, Ordinations & Installations

March 26, 2024|Announcements|

CallsMajor General USAF Cecil R. Richardson, (Ret.), Interim MinisterCommunity Congregational ChurchLone Rock, WIMarch 1, 2024Rev. Stephen Cramer, Interim MinisterGrace Church of ColumbianaColumbiana, OHMarch 1, 2024Rev. Randy Kohls, Interim MinisterPilgrim Congregational [...]

Our Events

Join Our Members in Fellowship

The NACCC works to foster an open environment for our member churches to express Congregationalism and build fellowship and community among them. We host events and an annual gathering every year to come together and to make important decisions that are common to our interests.

Annual Meeting & Conference Minister Convocation Youth Gathering Other Events

Support Our Work

Supporting Our Work

Committing to Congregationalism

Support Our Work

Aiding in Mission & Outreach Programs

To better support our member churches in their mission and outreach initiatives we created the Mission and Outreach Ministry Council (MOMC). MOMC serves as the missionary agent of our member churches to provide oversight of the use of funds, to counsel churches in the area of their missionary concern, and help to stimulate the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in ways that keep with the basic principle of the Congregational Christian Churches.

Mission & Outreach Programs

Get Involved

Our National Association grows and thrives through enthusiastic and faithful support from member churches, individual donors, foundations, corporations, and associations committed to Congregationalism. We rely on the active engagement of our member churches in the life of the National Association as they provide financial contributions, provide volunteers for leadership, and participate in the NACCC activities and events.

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If you have any questions or would like to know more about the NACCC, please send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you!

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