This fund was established by the Rev. Dr. Max Strang, a long-time Congregational minister, and Mr. Fred Hoerner, a Congregational layman, to recognize the value of the service rendered by now-retired Congregational ministers and their spouses. This endowed fund has been supported generously by the churches and individuals of the NACCC and provides a modest annual gift to all retired ministers who have served NACCC churches.  To qualify for this gift, a minister must have served an NACCC member church for at least 10 years and also at the time of his or her retirement be a member in good standing of a member Church of the NACCC. If retirement occurs before age 65 but the other requirements are met, the minister and/or spouse will begin receiving retirement gifts after the age of 65.  This gift is extended to a surviving, legally married spouse upon the death of the qualifying minister.