This fund has been created to assist member churches of the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches (NACCC) through challenging times. The 21st Century Pilgrim Club and Morgan Park funds were consolidated to create The Hurting Churches Fund Endowment.

 Application and Eligibility

  • Available to Active Member Churches
  • Grants provided up to $2,500 per application
  • Repeat applications cannot be made within a 24-month period
  • A lifetime maximum of $10,000 per church is imposed

Possible Uses of Funding

  • Emergency capital or operations needs
  • Funds to help pay for consultation on matters of critical importance to the church
  • Emergency funds when a pastor is ill / incapacitated
  • Other needs as identified by the church
  • Closing costs or loan application funds for larger construction projects

​The Hurting Churches Endowment Fund Brochure

The Hurting Churches Endowment Information Sheet

Application for Financial Assistance

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