Our 2021 Annual Meeting and Conference was held as a a Virtual meeting. Below you will find documents and videos related to that wonderful event.

Welcome Sister Churches!

As part of our celebration, we welcomed four new churches into our historic fellowship:

Congregational Church of East Sumner
Sumner, Maine

First Church in Pembroke
Pembroke, Massachusetts

West Congregational Church
Taunton, Massachusetts

First Congregational Church of St. Johnsbury Center
St. Johnsbury Center, Vermont

We are THRILLED to welcome these fellow Followers of the Way!


Rev. Dr. Mary E. Biedron is the Senior Minister of North Congregational Church in Farmington Hills, Michigan, and has been active in local, statewide, and national fellowships among churches affiliated with the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches for over 30 years. She is a graduate of Methodist Theological School in Ohio, M.Div (1999) and D.Min (2015). Her dissertation explored the historical practice and contemporary possibilities for discernment in Congregational churches.

Lecture Topic: “The Great Crossing, Then and Now”
As we celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Plymouth Pilgrims’ Great Crossing to North America, it’s important to reflect on the beliefs, theological assertions, and self-understanding that they brought with them, and those that they had to leave behind. What can this tell us, as we confront a different, but just as profound, kind of Great Crossing? What are the beliefs, assertions, and understandings that we need to carefully take along, and what do we need to leave behind…and how do we make those choices in an authentically Congregationalist way?

Congregational Lecture


David Clark, PhD, and his family moved to Minnesota in 1988 to teach at Bethel Seminary. He has served in senior leadership in a church and at Bethel University. Dr. Clark just retired from his last role as VP and Dean of Bethel Seminary. During his years as faculty, he wrote eight books and dozens of articles and contributed as a member of several boards, including the national board of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Dr. Clark now serves the wider church through consulting and public speaking.

Bible Lecture #1       Bible Lecture #2      Bible Lecture #3


Our 2022 Annual Meeting & Conference will be held June 25-28  in Wichita, Kansas. Click here to view a promotional video previewing our visit!


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