It is important for churches to provide the pastor with compensation and benefits appropriate for the duties the church expects of their pastor. A person with a Master of Divinity degree should be compensated at a level equivalent to other, similarly degreed professionals (for instance, teachers in your community.) A person with a doctorate (D. Min. or Ph.D.) should be similarly compensated (school superintendent is a good parallel here.)

The NACCC is in partnership with the Minister’s and Missionary’s Benefit Board (MMBB) as an avenue for member churches and clergy to have access to retirement investments options and Death and Disability insurance. MMBB also have financial planners that will help members plan for their financial future. They may be reached at 800.986.6222 or email.

Additionally, the NACCC recommends that churches and clergy access the resources of Clergy Tax and Law Review for the latest information pertaining to the unique classifications and requirements of clergy and churches.

A good resource is the Compensation Handbook for Church Staff available at and also on the website of the Minister’s and Missionary’s Benefit Board (MMBB).The Member Church Handbook, Section 3.3 contains a fuller discussion of Compensation and Benefits.