Our Congregational History and Polity Course will help to provide greater context to the general history, theology, spirituality, and practice of Congregationalism. This course is formatted for self-paced study. There are two distinct levels to this course:

Level 1 is a basic course for new members, confirmation classes, and for people looking to have a basic understanding of Congregationalism.

Level 2 is an advanced course for those looking to serve their church in a leadership role

The Congregational History and Polity Course is especially important for a minister who is now serving an NACCC church but has come to your church from a tradition other than Congregational. Many churches will require that their new pastor build their experience and knowledge in Congregationalism either by attending a seminar or working through this course, by writing this requirement directly into their terms of call.

For more details visit our History and Polity course page.