The NACCC has put in place a Disclosure Protocol and Policy for all NACCC clergy as well as non NACCC clergy who may be seeking a call from a member church, wish to update their Minister Information Forms (MIF), view Pastoral Church Information Forms (CIF), or update ecclesiastical endorsement.

Once the disclosure file is complete, the necessary privileges will be activated and you will be able to edit your MIF and view the complete CIFs under Ministerial Opportunities.  You can then send an electronic copy of your MIF to those churches you are interested in.  Please send all documents to the Center for Congregational Leadership by email, fax or by regular mail at the address below.

The freedom of local churches to call their own pastors carries with it a responsibility on the Association’s part to do all we can to insure that ministerial integrity and honesty are held in the highest regard. While this process may seem inconvenient, we feel it is of utmost importance to the churches and the people we serve.

  • proof of graduation for degrees claimed (College or University, Seminary or equivalent ministerial training, other Graduate Study School)
    • official transcripts directly from the institution
    • official letters
    • equivalent documents
  • copy of degrees
  • proof of ordination and type of ordination if claimed as ordained
  • proof of verifiable references for claimed Health Boundaries courses
  • proof of or verifiable references for claimed Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) programs


All Disclosure documents should be submitted to:
Attn: Church Services Coordinator
8473 S. Howell Ave.
P.O. Box 288
Oak Creek, WI 53154
Or they can be sent electronically to Laura Wright.