We value our NACCC member church Ministers and are grateful for the opportunity to recognize them.  We are thankful to our donors for their generous financial support. Each fund is unique and may require that you complete and return an application to the NACCC office.

Marion Bradshaw Memorial Fund

Marion Bradshaw was a professor at Bangor Seminary in Maine and was the only faculty member to take a principled stand for continuing Congregationalism.  This fund was originally endowed by Rev. Dr. Harry Butman in Bradshaw’s honor.  This award is given to an ordained minister who is personally committed to Congregationalism.  Preference is given to a minister in the state of Maine and awarded funds are to be used for continuing education.

Ministry Awards Form

Harry R. Butman Fund

Harry R. Butman was a congregational minister and ardent proponent of Congregationalism.  A graduate of Bangor Theological Seminary in Maine, he served several churches before moving to California as minister of the Congregational Church of the Messiah in Westchester.  Harry was a founding member of the and believed in encouraging ministers and their spouses in their work on behalf of the church.   This award is given to a minister or ministers who have at least ten years of service in an NACCC Church, and who is personally committed to Congregationalism.

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Jeanette R. Butman Fund

Established by Harry R. Butman in honor of his wife, this award honors spouses married to ordained Congregational ministers who have served NACCC Church(es) for at least ten years and who have been of help to their spouses. It may also be awarded to a widower or widow of a Congregational minister or to the spouse of a CFTS student. The award(s) is made on the basis of need, merit, or outstanding achievement.

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Joseph Jones Russell Award

Established by Harry R. Butman, this preaching award is given every other year for the best sermon submitted by an ordained, active pastor of a member Church of the with under 400 members, dealing with some aspect of the relationship of classical Congregationalism to contemporary American life and pointing out the continuing viability and relevance of the Congregational way.  The sermon must have been preached since the last annual meeting and submitted no later than April 30th. Submissions must consist of three (3) copies of each of the following:

• A DVD/or electronic version of the sermon being preached at a worship service
• A church bulletin listing or announcement of the sermon and date of worship service for verification
• A transcript of the sermon as it was preached

The NACCC is automatically given approval from the winner to publish the selected sermon.

J.J. Russell Award Form