The NACCC through the guidance of the Missions and Outreach Ministry Council offer awards and financial support to our associated Missionaries. We thank our generous donors who have allocated these funds with specific direction and guidance of how they are to be awarded.

The Magee Scholarship

This scholarship provides financial aid for mission personnel to pursue secondary or higher education in theology or other training directly relevant to field missionary work, with the understanding that the recipient attends a school in his or her home country or locale. Awarded by the Mission and Outreach Ministry Council, money will be applied only to a student’s tuition, room, board and school fees. Awards will be made on an annual basis. Upon approval, payments will be sent directly to the Mission, and will be reviewed annually, subject to the student’s performance and the availability of funds. The student must maintain the equivalent of a “B” (3.0) or better grade point average.

Requests of the scholarship for the coming year must be received on or before November 1st and should include a detailed list of expenses, such as, tuition, room, board and other fees.

Charles Rush Award

Charles Rush was an educator and minister who lived in California. His life of service, support of the free church and active participation in the NACCC set an example for many. This Award is given to a person(s) who is/are working toward worthwhile social and personal goals and who exemplifies the excellent spirit of the Reverend Rush. Nominations for the award are solicited and welcome. Determination of each year’s winner(s) is made by the Missionary and Outreach Ministry Council, as is the amount of the award. This award is presented to the recipient at the NACCC Annual Meeting and Conference. The recipient’s travel expenses to and from the Annual Meeting including room and board for up to forty-eight (48) hours, will be paid for out of the Charles F. Rush Memorial Fund.

For more detailed information or to apply, please contact Julie Robie Missions Administrator.