The Year-Round Delegate (YRD), selected by each member church, assists in providing important communication to its church and to the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches (NACCC). The NACCC depends upon on our member churches to keep us informed about your church’s hopes and needs so that we might better support you in your ministries. We also count on your church’s YRD to bring news from the NACCC to your congregation and leadership. Because the NACCC is an association of churches who voluntarily come together in fellowship and mutual encouragement, every church’s participation contributes to the vitality of the organization and the Congregational Way. The YRD helps in making sure there is valuable and productive two-way communication.

Each month the YRD will receive an e-newsletter called the YRD Line. It will be emailed to you around the 20th of each month and will include one main article along with various links to be shared with members and leadership of your church. Also included at the bottom of each YRD Line e- news, will be three questions we encourage you to answer. Your responses to these questions each month are very important to the NACCC and will be forwarded to the appropriate person(s) and summarized in upcoming YRD Line issues.

It is important that each church complete the NACCC YRD Registration Form every time a new Year Round Delegate is designated by your church. If your church has not currently selected a Year Round Delegate, please encourage your leadership to do so.

Register your YRD with the NACCC


Year-Round Delegate Resources

As the YRD we encourage you to join the Facebook page created for all Year Round Delegates. There you will find more information and announcements.

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